StemAktiv, a New Innovation from Chula Pharmaceutical Sciences

Stimulates Skin and Hair Stem Cells, a new approach for health product

Faculty of Pharmaceutical Sciences, Chulalongkorn University unveiled StemAktiv, an innovation from the research on over 10 Thai herbal extracts to gain altimate combination stimulating the skin and hair stem cells pathways that may enhance the stem cells functions of skin.

The launch event for StemAktiv on April 26th, 2022, at SID Level 3 Siam Square One was presided over by Chula President, Prof. Dr. Bundhit Eua-arporn, with Prof. Dr. Pornanong Aramwit, Dean of the Faculty of Pharmaceutical Sciences delivering the report.

As people get older, cells, especially stem cells become fatigued, not working as fully as before, impairing cell function in tissues and appearance of tissues, showing signs of skin and hair deterioration, reduced ability to protect against allergies, weakened hair that fall out easily.


Modern approaches to skin rejuvenation and slowing down aging in medicine, remedy, and pharmaceutical cosmetics research have focused on stimulating stem cell functions, which requires the use or injection of human or animal stem cells for skin conditioning. However, such approaches may have regulatory and safety concerns and high costs.


But today, Thai researchers from faculty of pharmaceutical sciences, Chulalongkorn University have discovered a novel safe way to activate stem cell signals through innovative StemAktiv, a combination of Thai herbal extracts with synergistic stem cell-activating effects, restoring function of stem cells, based on over 10 years of research by Prof. Dr. Pithi Chanvorachote, Faculty of Pharmaceutical Sciences, Chulalongkorn University.

As a researcher who has been studying cell biology and cell signaling for a long time, Prof. Dr. Pithi has been searching for ways to develop agents to replace the injection of stem cells into the skin, leading him to study the stem cell activation mechanisms of indigenous herbal extracts, which have long been used and known to be effective in stimulating cell function and very safe.

“As we age, our stem cells, though still exist, have weakened intracellular signals and may be blocked altogether, resulting in reduced function of stem cells, as well as the cells and tissues under stem cells’ control. The proliferation of cells to replace lost or aged cells is reduced, so stimulating stem cell function is an important pathway that may have the age-retardation effect,” Prof. Pithi explains.

By testing herbal extract formula with epidermal stem cells, it was found that these substances can stimulate stem cell activity and have synergistic effects through other potentially beneficial mechanisms. Prof. Pithi summarized the three key properties of StemAktiv as follows.

1. Boost the signals of the skin and hair stem cells.
2. Stimulates the increase of cell survival signals.
3. Stimulates cells to develop toxic resistance mechanisms and the destruction of intracellular damaged residues.

“Chula Faculty of Pharmaceutical Sciences offers classes on many health products, including the development of cosmetic products.  The courses teach the mechanisms of active ingredients and the characteristics and properties of the substances that make up the cosmetics.  Consumers’ safety also has to be considered,” said Prof. Pithi.

Prof. Dr. Pithi concluded on the success of bringing research to the market,  “this success could not have been possible without the collaboration of Chula PharTech, the Faculty of Pharmaceutical Sciences’ Spin-off under the auspices of CU Innovation Hub, which helped to plan marketing strategies, as well as refine the research to StemAktiv’s innovation that has the real-world use. This will encourage researchers to continue developing social research.” 

People interested in StemAktiv products can find more details on the
Chula PharTech website —,
and the product can be pre-ordered on Line @CUpharOnline, or Facebook – CUphar Online.  StemAktiv can be purchased at Osotsala, Chula Faculty of Pharmaceutical Sciences.

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